About the Library

The college has a well stocked library with more than 2000 text and reference books. After admission a student has to apply for Library card along with his/her Fee Receipt to the Librarian to collect the library card within a notified time.

About Rajganj College Library

  The college has a well stocked library with more than 2000 text and reference books. After admission a student has to apply for Library card along with his/her Fee Receipt to the Librarian to collect the library card within a notified time.


  The Library's mission is to make its resources available and useful to the students and to sustain and preserve the collection of knowledge and creativity for future generations. College library houses more than thousands resources which include books, bound volumes of journals, theses, students' reports etc. The library collection covers subjects like Arts, History and civilization, Remote sensing, GIS, Economics, Sociology, Economic planning etc. National & international periodicals are subscribed to keep the users updated with the trends in the field. Apart from this, library has Audio Visual Resources on CDs, DVDs, Slides etc. An user-friendly library software called Easy Library will be adopted at the Library. This software will facilitate automated circulation (issue & return) of the books and speedy access to bibliographies, locations and availability information of the books stocked in the library During academic session, library is open for reading books journal etc..


  1. Play a leading role in enhancing the overall student experience
  2. Provide excellent services in support of teaching and research
  3. Encourage better relationships between library staff and students
  4. To support research activity for its progress and qualitative development.
  5. to meet changing expectations


  1. Monday , Wednesday & Friday between 12.00 noon to 2.00 pm.
  2. "Study Room" is kept open for those working days.


Magfera Begum, Teacher in charge
Smt. Iman Ghosh, Assistant Professor
Smt. Susmita Guha, Govt. Approved P.T.T.
Shri Sukhen Dutta, Accountant
Shri Niranjan Roy, Typist

Meetings of Library Committees are organized in regular basis


• Library Materials and Membership is not transferable.
• Membership is valid for one year (i.e. for the current academic year till the last day of Test Examination)
• College Identity Card and Library Membership card is essential for entering the library and using library services.
• Books and other reading materials will be issued for a period of 14 days, only after the membership card is handed over to the person at the counter.
• A fine of Re.1/- per day will be charged for overdue books.
• Books lost, defected or damaged in any way shall have to be replaced by the borrower.
• If the membership card is lost, a duplicate card will be issued on payment of necessary fee (i.e. Rs.50/-).
• Use books for reading only, never put mark in them and return them in time


Current Science 
Department of Physiology, All India Institue of Medical Sciences (AIMS) - IJPP 
Free Medical Journals 
Friends Science Publishers  
De Gruyter Reference Global 
High Wire Press Archives  
Hindawi Corporation 
Illinois Journal of Mathematics 
Indian Academy of Sciences (IAS) <brInTech Open Access 
Open J-Gate 
Optics Express 


National Science Digital Library

Open Access Theses and Dissertations

E-Theses Portals

NISCAIR Online Periodical Directory

WWW Virtual Library

OCLC Worldcat

Bentham Science

World Scientific Journals

Online Brain

Directory of Open Access Books

Directory of Open Access Directory

Open Access Journals Search Engine

Springer Open e-Books

Springer Open Journals

VERSITA Open Access Journals

Open Library

Wiki Books

The Encyclopedia of Earth

The Encyclopedia of Life

IPL Library

The Encyclopedia of Finance

National Academy Press

Online Books


Public Library of Science

Open Access Research Database

Education Resources Information Centres (ERIC)

Myjournals Org

Digital Library of India

Journal Table of Contents

Social Science Cyber Library

E- Resources

Cambridge University Press (224 titles)

Economic and Political Weekly (EPW) (1 titles)

Indian Journals (150 titles)

Institute of Physics (46 titles)

Royal Society of Chemistry (29 titles)

H. W. Wilson (1420 titles)

Cambridge Books Online (1800 titles)

E-brary (83000+ titles)

EBSCoHost-Net Library (936 titles)

Hindustan Book Agency (65+ titles)

Institute of South East Asian Studies(ISEAS) Books (382+ titles)

Oxford Scholarship (1402+ titles)

Springer eBooks (2300 titles)

Sage Publication eBooks (1000 titles)

Taylor Francis eBooks (1800 titles)

Myilibrary-McGraw Hill (1124 titles)


Sanjay Modak
Library Incharge
Rajganj College,